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To Travel Agency / Hotel

“Feel nature. Have your heart touched by Japanese culture. Immerse yourself in local Japanese communities!”

As a highly experienced National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter, I am accepting requests to be your guests’ tour guide throughout Japan.

I would be happy to guide your guests during their stay in Japan.

While properly taking care to prevent infection in the “new normal” of life during the Covid-19 pandemic, what I treasure most in my life is my relationships with people, and I’m sure that’s true also for my guests. I will show you the heartwarming kindness of life in local Japanese communities. For example, I will show guests how Japanese beautiful artworks are connected with peoples’ lives, and how they point the way to living a satisfying life.

Exploring the treasures of Japanese culture under my direction, guests will have a truly memorable cultural experience — one that they will cherish all their life. By appealing to their intellectual curiosity, I can help transform an ordinary “vacation” into an extraordinary memory.

Because of my years of experience as a guide for people from around the world, you can entrust me (Eiko) to give your guests the special treatment they deserve.

Please fill in the form here. I will be in touch shortly.

To Individual Travellers

As a highly-experienced National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter, I am available to be your tour guide throughout Japan. For reservations, please share this website with your travel agency or hotel in Japan and ask them to contact me. I am happy to guide you during your stay. I apologize that direct requests from individuals are not currently available.

Eiko Guide Profile

As a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter active since 2008, I operate tours approximately 150 days out of the year. I work mainly on foreign, fully independent tours, including VIP tours, and special-interest tours. I specialize in guiding and speaking to guests on the topics of Japanese art, food, culture, and architecture. With my deep knowledge of Japanese culture, I can provide guests with an unforgettable experience that will resonate with them for years to come.

Among my most-popular specialty tours are “A Comparison of World and Japanese Art,” “Japanese Cuisine—An Intangible World Heritage,” and “Highlights of Japanese Architecture.” I can speak to your guests almost anywhere—in a banquet hall, at a hotel, or on a tour bus. I particularly recommend that guests attend my courses with my companion book 30 Questions about the Japanese Art of the Kimono , which includes guidance on  *kimonos, wearing **yukata and ***furoshiki, as well as information on Japanese manners. The idea for this book was born during an observational tour for American university officials, who requested that I offer a course on the subject during a tour in the following year. 30 Questions about the Japanese Art of the Kimono will fully satisfy the intellectual curiosity of readers.

*kimono: traditional Japanese dress
**yukata: a casual cotton kimono
***furoshiki: Japanese traditional wrapping cloth

Please fill in the form here. I will be in touch shortly.