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Japanese Culture Instructor
Tea Ceremony Master
J.S.A. Sommelier

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August 2022

Eikotto Japan Guide


書籍『30 Questions about the Japanese Art of the kimono』(ペーパーバック・電子書籍)好評販売中です。

Amazon のウェブサイトからご購入頂けます。

検索キーワードは、Eikotto です。

A book 30 Questions about the Japanese Art of the kimono (paperback/e-book) has just been released.

To purchase this book, please visit the Amazon website and type "Eikotto".







To Travel Agency / Hotel

“Feel nature. Have your heart touched by Japanese culture. Immerse yourself in local Japanese communities!”

As a highly experienced National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter, I am accepting requests to be your guests’ tour guide, mainly for day trips from Tokyo.

I would be happy to guide your guests during their stay in Japan.

While properly taking care to prevent infection in the “new normal” of life during the Covid-19 pandemic, what I treasure most in my life is my relationships with people, and I’m sure that’s true also for my guests. I will show you the heartwarming kindness of life in local Japanese communities. For example, I will show guests how Japanese beautiful artworks are connected with peoples’ lives, and how they point the way to living a satisfying life.

Exploring the treasures of Japanese culture under my direction, guests will have a truly memorable cultural experience — one that they will cherish all their life. By appealing to their intellectual curiosity, I can help transform an ordinary “vacation” into an extraordinary memory.

Because of my years of experience as a guide for people from around the world, you can entrust me (Eiko) to give your guests the special treatment they deserve.

To Individual Travellers

For reservations, please share this website with your travel agency or hotel, and ask them to contact me. I apologize that direct requests from individuals are not currently available.





また、30 Questions about the Japanese Art of the Kimonoをテキストとした着物講座・浴衣着方講座・風呂敷講座・日本のマナー講座も人気です。

・ 本書は、Amazonなどオンラインショップの他、丸善ジュンク堂書店の洋書を取り扱う各店舗でも、タイトル 30 Questions about the Japanese Art of the kimono とお問い合わせ頂けましたらご購入頂けます。

・ また、図書館などの施設、教育機関、医療機関や、企業のリサーチ部門等によるご購入と、大学教授や医師、研究者の私費によるご購入が可能な、丸善雄松堂のKnowledge Workerでもお取り扱いを頂いております。「ISBNコード9784910472461」でご検索ください。初めてご利用の団体様でも会員登録のお手続きを経て、書籍をご購入いただくことが可能です。


Japanese Culture and Manner Classes

To learn the fundamentals of Japanese manners necessary for forming smooth relationships in Japan, by carefully considering Japanese culture.

Contents To understand the essence of Japanese culture through lectures and acquire skills through practical exercises and experiences.

  1. Orientation
  2. Business manners
  3. Japanese traditions
  4. Manners in public places (Art and Stage Art)
  5. Table manners
  6. Japanese cuisine as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage
  7. Manners in Japanese-style rooms
  8. Tea ceremony (A real tea ceremony or a VR-Video version can be chosen.)
  9. Japanese traditional dress, Kimono (Dress code, Behavior while wearing a kimono)
  10. Protocols

Text 30 Questions about the Japanese Art of the Kimono, Handouts

Note These classes are available online or in person.