Japanese Culture and Manner Classes

お知らせ / Information

Japanese Culture and Manner Classes are released. A custom-made course is available according to your requests.

Curriculum - Japanese culture and manners

To learn the fundamentals of Japanese manners necessary for forming smooth relationships in Japan, by carefully considering Japanese culture.

Contents To understand the essence of Japanese culture through lectures and acquire skills through practical exercises and experiences.

  1. Orientation
  2. Business manners
  3. Japanese traditions
  4. Manners in public places (Art and Stage Art)
  5. Table manners
  6. Japanese cuisine as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage
  7. Manners in Japanese-style rooms
  8. Tea ceremony (A real tea ceremony or a VR-Video version can be chosen.)
  9. Japanese traditional dress, Kimono (Dress code, Behavior while wearing a kimono)
  10. Protocols

Text 30 Questions about the Japanese Art of the Kimono, Handouts

Note These classes are available online or in person.